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Williams, Chad & Tasia

The Williams family are delighted to be the first appointed Metro Missionaries to the city of Portland, Oregon. They served Portland Pentecostals for 6 years as Youth & Assistant Pastor, Apostolic Truth Church for 5 years as Associate Pastor, The General Youth Division as Project 7 Promotions Coordinator, The Division of Publications as Coordinator of Ministerial Training and Development, Global Missions, Purpose Institute as a Campus Dean, and now North American Missions as Metro Missionaries.

Portland, Oregon is a unique, vibrant and diverse area of 2.4 million people. Portland is currently experiencing an explosion of growth with 111 new residents each day. Roughly 60% of the population of the State of Oregon lives in the Portland Metro area. Sadly, today Portland is in a spiritual crisis. Forty-six percent of the population are unchurched. Over 1.1 million people have not attended a church, except for a holiday or special occasion, at any time within the past 6 months. 100,000 people are considered never churched.

With your financial gift you are advancing God’s plans to reach this City.

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