NA Maratta, Joe - El Paso Metro

NA Maratta, Joe - El Paso Metro

Lying at the southern end of the Rocky Mountain chain and just north of the Mexican border is the city of El Paso, Texas. This is where the Maratta family has a burden to plant a church. They have lived in El Paso and are familiar with the unique cultural and economic setting of the city. Bro. Maratta has been a licensed minister for over 20 years and has served with his wife and children in various church related capacities in both established and new works. Notably, he has served as a senior pastor and as an associate pastor for several years. In addition, Bro. Maratta is a member of the Occupational Chaplains Association and the Christian Prisoner Fellowship. The Maratta family looks forward to returning to the city of El Paso and asks that you prayerfully consider supporting them in this endeavor.

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