McGovern, David - Los Angeles Metro

McGovern, David - Los Angeles Metro

If you were to spend any time in the Los Angeles metro, you would undoubtedly become familiar with the term “Greater Los Angeles”, which is used to characterize a region that is home to nearly nineteen million people. The city and metro of Los Angeles are the second most populated in the United States (behind only New York). With such a vast harvest field, we believe the term "Greater Los Angeles” characterizes much more than the area itself, but it also characterizes a Greater spiritual outpouring preparing to sweep across this great city. David and Monique McGovern were both born and raised in the Los Angeles area. They have four daughters; Anevay, Ambree, Adeyln and Arwen. In 2013, the McGoverns answered the call to plant a church in Los Angeles. For 5 years they labored, and God has raised up a great church in the LA community of Glendale. Through this process it became clear God was calling them to plant more churches in Los Angeles, and in 2017 they were approved to become Metro Missionaries to the city.

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