Sledge, Carl

Sledge, Carl

Before moving to Germany, Carl and Bethany, both UPCI-licensed ministers, pastored ten years in Hennepin, Oklahoma. During that time, they also started a work in Stratford. Carl served in the Sunday School department and Bethany served in the Ladies' Ministries department in Oklahoma. After three short-term missions trips to the German-speaking nations, the Sledges felt the Lord's direction for them to work full-time in Germany. In January 2017 they moved to Berlin. During their two years in Berlin, they maintained the church in Berlin, which was started by a previous missionary, opened a church in Potsdam (southwest of Berlin) and started a house church in Leipzig. Bethany completed training for and served as administrator of the Purpose Institute campus in northern Germany (Paderborn), where she and Carl taught. They also taught in and supervised Apostolic Ministerial Training Center campuses across Germany. Bethany serves as Prayer Coordinator for the German-speaking nations and is the Sunday School secretary. They were appointed intermediate missionaries in May 2019.

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