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NA West, Jerry, Metro Washington DC

Washington D.C. is a city known for its history and many monuments, as well as serving as the backdrop for all three branches of the U.S. government. But if you were to look beyond the tour buses and memorials, you would see a vibrant, multicultural metro area with over 6 million residents. Inside the District’s boundaries there are nearly 700,000 people who call that 68 sq. mile area home, yet there is only one English speaking United Pentecostal Church. In the Summer of 2017, God began dealing with the West family about the great need for churches in Washington D.C. After prayer and council, that burden became a clarion call for the West family to be a part of establishing apostolic churches in our Nation’s Capital. Jerry and Annie met in Indianapolis, IN. They are both alumni of Indiana Bible College and Annie graduated from Indiana University. They were married in June of 2008. They served as Youth Pastor of a church in Kentucky for 5 years before being elected Pastor of the Franklin Pentecostal Church in Franklin, KY. During their time as pastor, the church experienced tremendous growth. In addition to their local service, they have served as KY Youth President for 6 years and in other roles in the KY Youth Ministry since 2010. Jerry is also currently serving as the North Central Regional Representative for UPCI Youth Ministries. They welcomed their first son, Parker, in July 2013. They were blessed with the birth of their second son, Bennett, in September 2015. In May 2019, they were appointed Metro Missionaries to Washington, D.C. Please consider prayerfully supporting them as they reach D.C.

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