Well, Steven

Well, Steven

Steve grew up on the mission field and was involved in many aspects of missionary work as a missionary kid and an associate in missions. In 1985, at the national conference in Chile, he met Marzia and they were married in 1986. They were appointed as UPCI missionaries to Chile in 1989. During their time in there, Steve served as national youth president and national secretary for seven years. Marzia was involved in ladies’ and children’s ministries. They pastored the Central Church in the capital city of Santiago and the church in Rancagua. They traveled throughout the country teaching seminars and taught in the Chilean Bible school. After serving in Chile for fourteen years, they felt God leading them to return to the U.S. They started a Spanish speaking church in Miami, Florida, under Metro Missions, where they had sixteen nationalities of Hispanics. After ten years in Miami, the Lord directed them to Michigan where they pastored. Steve was also privileged to be the Michigan District Global Missions Director for five years. They have made numerous trips back to Chile to minister and preach in conferences, retreats and local churches. Upon returning to Chile, the Wells plan to travel to the different regions to preach and teach seminars as well as teach in the Bible school.

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