Poole, Karen

Poole, Karen

Karen Poole is a veteran missionary who began her missionary journey as an aimer in 1991. Together with her husband Robert, they served two terms in Nigeria. They were then appointed intermediate missionaries to Cameroon and the Africa Impact Team. After resigning from Global Missions in 2002, they returned to the States but stayed very involved in ministry, including pastoring a church for nine years. Because the burden for missions never diminished, in 2018 Robert and Karen were appointed as associate missionaries to the Kingdom of Lesotho and served thirteen months, encouraging the churches; teaching the GATS program; keeping church books; and ministering to ladies. In June 2020, they received their career missionary appointment to Lesotho. However, while on deputation, Robert contracted COVID-19 and was promoted to his eternal reward. Karen has a strong burden to continue the work they began in Lesotho and has been appointed as an intermediate missionary. She plans on facilitating the development of the national leadership and getting a Bible school built so the work and Word of God can grow exponentially!

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