Corbin, James N.

Corbin, James N.

James and Elizabeth Corbin both came from Pentecostal homes and were married in Goshen, California, on September 2, 1989. Soon after their marriage, God began to speak to the both of them concerning reaching the lost in Bangladesh. They arrived in Bangladesh as missionaries in 1992. Within a short while they became fluent in the language and began to find open doors of ministry throughout Bangladesh. In 1997 they moved to Dhaka, the capital city, to start a fresh ministry outreach. Continued revival and growth in Bangladesh is a result of many days and hours spent in prayer, fasting, and in training the people of Bangladesh to become the men and women that God has destined for them to be. The James Corbin family and the United Pentecostal Church of Bangladesh are moving forward with vision and purpose to establish the kingdom of God in Bangladesh.

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