Hajduk, Radovan

Hajduk, Radovan

Radovan Hajduk was born in Serbia and had a difficult childhood. His testimony and ministry have reached hundreds of people who have experienced abuse. Tanya is the daughter of retired missionaries Samuel and Pat Balca and was born and raised on the foreign field. Radovan and Tanya served as associates in missions in Novi Sad, Serbia, for two years before moving to Canada. Radovan was part of the ministry at UPC of Oshawa, and Tanya helped in Sunday school. The Hajduks served as associates in missions again in 2006. They spent nine months in the Baltic Republics and over a year in Croatia, where they presently are working with various home groups in order to pioneer a church. They are establishing a church in the capital, Zagreb, making new contacts and endeavoring to plant churches in Slovenia.

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