Parker, Kirby

Parker, Kirby

Kirby and Mary Parker were pastoring in Gridley, California, when through prayer they received their call to Malta. They were appointed as UPCI missionaries to Malta during the 2000 General Conference and arrived on the field in May 2002. The Parkers have started one church in Malta, conduct home fellowships in key localities, study the Maltese language and make regular contacts on the neighboring island of Gozo. The Parker's appointment was expanded in 2006 to include the North African countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. This is in keeping with their long-term vision and goal of using Malta as a base of outreach into North Africa. The Parkers have made ten evangelistic trips to Morocco, where one UPCI church exists in this nation of over thirty million. The Parkers have made one trip into Libya where they were able to witness.

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