Walmer, Michael D.

Walmer, Michael D.

As a young teenager, Michael Walmer accompanied his parents to Brazil. He began his ministry in 1979 as a youth leader in the district headquarters church. He married Ivonne González in 1984 and they founded the church in Rio Grande, in extreme southern Brazil. In 1986 he took a pastorate in Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul. After eight years as an associate in missions, Michael and his family returned to the States in 1990 to attend Bible school. He and his wife received their missionary appointment in October 1992. After completing deputation, Michael and Ivonne pioneered a new work in Recife on Brazil’s northeastern tropical coast. In just a few short years, they saw the work develop to twelve active churches and pastors, along with a Bible school program. Following God’s leading, Michael and Ivonne asked to extend their appointment to the field of Uruguay, which was approved in 2006. During this time, they have pastored the headquarters church, directed and taught in the Bible school, held pastoral seminars and traveled extensively among the churches. They have preached and mentored the leadership in both Brazil and Uruguay in their 35+ year missionary career.

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