Ritchie, Henry C.

Ritchie, Henry C.

Henry and Sharon Ritchie became involved in Global Missions in 1975 as dean of the Bible school in London, England. Shortly after returning to the United States, they realized that their place in the Kingdom of God would be on the missionary field. In 1977 they were appointed missionaries to the Windward Islands of the Caribbean, a field that had never had an apostolic missionary. They arrived in the islands in 1978 and began language study in order to minister in the French-speaking islands. At the same time they began pioneer works on the English-speaking islands and by the end of their first term, every major island had at least one United Pentecostal Church. French Guiana was later added onto their responsibilities. It, too, was a field with no prior witness. Their major efforts have been pioneer evangelism—starting churches where there were none—and teaching in the Bible schools.

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