Robinette, Charles G.

Robinette, Charles G.

As a 17-year-old student at Indiana Bible College, Charles Robinette received his call to missions while on a Youth on Missions trip to Eastern Europe. After serving in the US Air Force in Germany, being the youth leaders in their home church in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and evangelizing, the Robinettes served as furlough replacements for the Filippo Ciulla family in Brussels, Belgium, under the Associates In Missions program. In September 2003 they transferred to Switzerland to assist national pastor Francois Vila in Geneva. In March 2004 Charles and Stacey Robinette received their appointment as United Pentecostal Church missionaries to Switzerland. They returned to Switzerland in mid-2004. Their appointment was changed to Austria in 2006 when the Harold Kinneys became furlough replacements. The Robinettes live in Vienna, pastoring the headquarters church while opening other areas to the gospel.

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