Landaw, Gary A.

Landaw, Gary A.

Gary and Kristi Landaw have been working in the Caribbean for thirty-two years. They began their missionary career in 1978 as associates in missions in the Leeward Islands and received their missionary appointment to Puerto Rico in 1980. In 1984 they moved to Trinidad and established four churches. In August 1991 they relocated to Puerto Rico, serving as superintendent, directing the Bible school program, helping young ministers start new works and coordinating the evangelistic thrust into Cuba. In January 1997 the Landaws’ appointment expanded to Puerto Rico, Spanish Caribbean, and Trinidad-Tobago. In July 1997 they moved back to Trinidad and established the work in Tobago. They maintained an on-going link with the Puerto Rican church, especially when they had to be out of Trinidad due to visa restrictions and now are living in Puerto Rico and are involved in church planting. He serves as Spanish Caribbean (Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico) area coordinator and Leadership Development International Regional Coordinator. Both Gary and Kristi have taught throughout the region in seminars and conferences.

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