Robertson, Jim

Robertson, Jim

Actively involved in pastoral ministry in British Columbia, Canada, Jim and Latitia Robertson received their missionary appointment in 2002. They arrived on location in Tanzania in 2006. In addition to teaching in the E.L. Freeman Bible School the Robertsons were involved in pastoral and leadership training; ladies ministries and seminars; and youth ministries, seminars and training. With no doubt that God had called them to a life work as Career missionaries, the Robertsons felt their ministry received further definition in 2011 when they moved to the city of Warsaw, Poland. New Hope Church was in its infancy when the Robertsons arrived there. The Robertsons have focused on the core church group, doing outreach, evangelism and teaching Bible studies. In this vast city of more than 1.7 million people, where the tragic effects of wars long past are still witnessed in the sadness and subdued demeanor of much of the population, Jim and Latitia Robertson are offering hew hope through Jesus Christ.

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