Norris, Ivana

Norris, Ivana

Ivana was born in the state of Bahia, Brazil. Coming from a Catholic background, she knew nothing of the Pentecostal experience. Missionary Robert Norris preached the gospel to her family. She studied at the Bible school in Rio de Janeiro, was baptized in Jesus' name and received the Holy Ghost. After three years she moved to Rio and got her degree as a bi-lingual translator. At that time Bro. Norris invited her to teach in the Bible school. She married Robert Norris' son, Jeffrey. They were appointed as missionaries to Brazil in 1987. After her husband's death in 2015, Ivana continued to work in Brazil and has held several positions in the work there. She teaches, preaches and translates in different states of Brazil. She is the director of the first Bible school founded by Robert Norris in 1971, and teaches there as well. Ivana pastors in Costa Barros, one of the most dangerous slums in Rio. God has protected her and given her favor. Many souls have been saved, including former drug dealers. She continues to do the task the Lord has entrusted her and desires to do more in the Kingdom.

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