DeTemple, Daniel D.

DeTemple, Daniel D.

Daniel and Tabitha DeTemple have been involved in missions in some form most of their lives. Daniel worked under Pastor Jerald Staten to assist with a home missions church in Washington, D.C., and Tabitha is the daughter of home missions Pastor Mick Cluster. Their ministry has included teaching Bible studies, teaching youth, Sunday school, church planting, evangelism, leading house churches and ministering to ladies. Daniel worked in the Republic of Georgia from 2012-2013 on the Associates In Missions program and he and his family returned in 2015 for another term. They were appointed as Intermediate missionaries to the Republic of Georgia in March 2016. Their desire is to reach into every region of Georgia, growing and discipling leaders and establishing the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The DeTemples are working alongside the leadership of the church that has been established in Tbilisi to reach into other regions of the capital city and the entire country of Georgia. They are currently studying and working to learn the Georgian language, Kartuli.

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