Cooper, Ken

Cooper, Ken

Ken and Isabel Cooper, originally from the Florida District, served as Sunday School Directors for the Pentecostals of Cooper City for twelve years. The Coopers served in Brazil under the Associates In Missions program for four years before their appointment as intermediate missionaries. During this time, over 4,000 (mostly children) have received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The Coopers have begun the first permanent Bible school in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. They have also planted a church in the city of Mairinque, São Paulo. They are currently building an orphanage and a convention center in the city of Mairinque. They have traveled extensively throughout the country of Brazil doing children's crusades and ministering to young people. Sister Isabel has been the main speaker at many women's conferences in Brazil with an emphasis on holiness. Through her ministry hundreds of women in Brazil have dedicated their hair to the Lord with a vow to never cut it again.

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