Buckland, Roger D.

Buckland, Roger D.

Roger and Becky Buckland received their missionary appointment to the Philippines in October 1984. They spent just under ten years overseeing approximately 380 churches on the island of Mindanao; laboring as the president of the Apostolic Institute of Ministries in Davao City; and serving on the Executive Board of the United Pentecostal Church (Philippines). In August 1993 the Global Missions Board appointed Roger and Becky Buckland as the first UPCI missionaries to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. While residing in Prague, they established the first UPCI church in the nation of the Czech Republic and founded Bible schools complete with translated curriculum (located in Prague, Czech Republic and Backi Petrovec, Serbia). The Bucklands were serving as Area Coordinator for the fourteen nations of Eastern Europe when they received their appointment as regional director for the Pacific in October 2012, taking them back to where their missionary journeys began three decades ago.

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