Nix, Stephen R.

Nix, Stephen R.

The Nixes first received missionary appointment in 1985 to Argentina, arriving in 1987 with their four children. While in Argentina Steve served as president of the Bible school, national treasurer and national secretary. They traveled extensively throughout Argentina teaching and preaching in local churches as well as pastoring. In late 1995 the Nixes transferred to Nicaragua, where they have served from 1996 to present. Steve has been the director of the Bible school since their arrival and successfully initiated the GATS curriculum in Nicaragua. As sub-regional coordinator for GATS, he has worked closely with Regional GATS Coordinator Brad Thompson, participating in many teacher-training seminars in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and Puerto Rico. He has also been a guest speaker for other GATS teacher-training seminars in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Spain. Steve served as advisor to the Nicaraguan national church officers in helping to modernize the national church administration and has served as national treasurer since 2000. In 2016 he began training a national pastor to take over the job of the national treasurer, so that he may dedicate more of his time to the Bible school and national travels upon their return to the field during their next term.

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