Starin, Mark J.

Starin, Mark J.

The Starins spent one year as AIM furlough replacements in Jordan in 1984, then received their missionary appointment to the Middle East in 1985. They have ministered in Jordan and Cyprus, and in 1992 they relocated to Lebanon to pioneer the UPC of Lebanon. Brother Starin has been responsible for the development of Arabic tracts, Arabic and English devotional tracts, Arabic small group studies, Arabic/English doctrinal booklet, Arabic and English Bible studies, and Arabic Bible school books. Sister Starin has been responsible for the development of Arabic/English Sunday school materials, and Arabic/English worship songs. Lebanon now has two churches and one Bible school. Brother Starin is the president of the UPC Lebanon, the director of the Bible school in Lebanon, the UPCI representative to Cyprus and the UPCI representative to Syria. Syria is currently closed to missionaries, however the church in Lebanon has had many Syrians baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. The Starins hope that this will lead to churches being established in Syria.

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