Doan, David K.

Doan, David K.

David and Angela received full missionary appointment to Japan in 1994, after serving two years as associates in missions and pioneering the Okinawa UPC national church. They are veteran missionaries, having completed five terms. David and Angela started the Okinawa Apostolic Bible School fifteen years ago and have seen the training program grow to twenty Bible schools throughout Japan, training many national leaders and workers. Their work includes pastoring a dynamic, revival Japanese church in the capital city of Naha, Okinawa, and seeing over twenty new preaching points and daughter works planted throughout Japan. As the general superintendent of the Japan UPC, David is supervising the explosive growth of the national work throughout the country. This past term David and Angela have also continued to supervise the work in Vietnam, by making several annual evangelistic and training trips into this revival nation. They have seen hundreds of Vietnamese baptized in Jesus' name and receive the Holy Ghost. The Doans started the first Vietnamese apostolic Bible school program in Ho Chi Minh City, using Purpose Institute, with many hundreds being trained this past term. Several students have graduated and have been sent into the harvest field of Vietnam. When they return to the field, the Doans will be working to see fifty apostolic Bible schools throughout the forty-seven prefectures of Japan, with a goal of 1,000 students enrolled in Bible school training. They will be working to establish new works in all the prefectures of Japan and to send regional missionaries from Japan to plant churches in other nations in Asia.

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