Riddick, Terry L.

Riddick, Terry L.

In August 1982 the Riddick family arrived in Cameroon working with an oil company. While there God allowed them to start the first UPC church in Buea, Cameroon. In 1986 the Riddicks returned to the States and were appointed as full-time missionaries. Since then they have been active in ministerial training, church planting, evangelism and building projects. They operate both a portable Bible school and a full-time Bible school teaching in both French and English. The first regional missionary sent from the West Africa Sub-region is a graduate of the Cameroon Bible College and is now serving in the country of Equatorial Guinea. Terry also serves as the field superintendent of the UPC of Cameroon and oversees the licensed Cameroonian ministers. He serves as coordinator of the Africa Impact Team, a mobile evangelism unit built for all types of terrain.

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