Smoak, Richard E.

Smoak, Richard E.

Former associates in missions to Kenya, Richard and Pamela Smoak were appointed to Tanzania in October 1988; he became superintendent in 1999. They direct the E. L. Freeman Bible Institute; develop, translate and print literature; and promote Sunday school, youth, ladies and evangelism ministries. He is secretary/treasurer of Africa’s mission program. She serves on the Africa Aflame committee and is very involved in translation of materials into Swahili. They live in Tanzania’s second largest city, traveling extensively to establish the churches in western Tanzania. Their goals include developing local training seminars, correspondence Bible school and Swahili radio ministry. Burundi was added to their appointment in 1998; he became superintendent in 2006. The Smoaks’ location in western Tanzania enables them to travel by land to Burundi to strengthen the Burundian church and conduct ministerial training seminars. They also intend to establish a Bible and leadership training program.

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