Harrod, Nathan A.

Harrod, Nathan A.

Nathan and Tanya Harrod arrived in Spain in 2004 as associates in missions in the city of Barcelona. During their time on AIM, they pastored Barcelona as well as planted another work in a nearby city. The Harrods received their missionary appointment in 2006, and upon returning to the field, they continued serving as pastors in Barcelona in a church that has grown to over 450 members. They also planted two more daughter churches. Nathan has served as the coordinator of the Bible school in Barcelona, supervisor over the churches in the northern region of Spain and as national treasurer. Tanya has served as national Sunday school director and regional ladies’ director. They continue to pastor in Barcelona and will be working to establish new works in the northern region of Spain. They will also endeavor to spearhead the opening of the country of Andorra.

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