Sisco, Nick

Sisco, Nick

Nick and Pam have a passion for training and enjoy the opportunity to shape lives. Whether in the Bible school classroom, one on one or in a seminar setting, teaching to transform is their objective. Having both graduated from Northeast Christian College in 1996, Nick began his missionary journey to Ghana that same year under the Associate In Missions (AIM) program while Pam started her missionary adventure in 1998, traveling to Botswana. In 1999 Nick transferred to Botswana and on May 13, 2000, they became a team, continuing their AIM work in Botswana until their appointment to Ghana as missionaries in 2003. Being a lifelong learner, Nick has also graduated from Indiana Bible College and has gone on to graduate studies in leadership from Liberty University. Currently Nick serves as the missionary coordinator, president of African Centre for Theological Studies, national director of Christian education and the Africa representative for Global Association of Theological Studies. Pam serves as the national Sunday school director and teaches at the Bible school.

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