Tir, Steven

Tir, Steven

Steven Tir, a Slovak born in Croatia, immigrated at age twelve with his family to Canada. After graduating from Apostolic Bible Institute, he worked and studied business in Ontario before serving in Slovakia under the Associates In Missions program from 1992 to 2000. Steven met Jean, a graduate of Gateway College, while they were both AIM workers in Kosice, Slovakia. The Tirs received their appointment as UPCI missionaries to Slovakia in September 2000 with an additional appointment to Serbia in 2007. As the superintendent of the UPC works in these two countries, Steven oversees established churches, outreach points, and Bible schools. Jean is actively involved in women’s ministry in both nations. In January 2014 the Tirs were pleased to launch a new evangelistic ministry: an internet radio station in Serbia, which will reach out to Serbian and Slovak-speaking people around the world.

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