Guidry, John A.

Guidry, John A.

John and Vonda Guidry are graduates of Texas Bible College in Houston, Texas. They married in 1986 and in 1987 moved to Alice, Texas, where they pastored a growing and successful home mission work for six years. In 1993 they were appointed associates in missions to Mexico and pastored in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, for eleven years. They saw the church grow from a handful of people to almost sixty, started a mission and opened various preaching points. During their time in Nuevo Laredo, they purchased properties and constructed two church buildings. While in Mexico the Guidrys concentrated on training and encouraging Mexican nationals for ministry so they could reach their own people. The Guidrys were appointed Intermeidate missionaries in February 2004. They started a new church in the city of Salamanca, served as Central Region Supervisor overseeing elevn churches, taught at the Bible school in Madrid and served as National Treasure among other responsibilities. Vonda Guidry has also taught various ladies’ meetings and services. In February 2012 the Guidrys were appointed to Colombia where they are now working in the Bible school.

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