Riddick, Rusty

Riddick, Rusty

Being raised on the mission field in Cameroon, Rusty Riddick has a love and passion for the people of Africa. In 1993 he married his wife, Adriane, who also had a call of God on her life to the African continent. Just months after they married they went to Cameroon where they served on the Associates In Missions program. During this time Rusty worked with the evangelistic team and also served as the director of evangelism. Sis. Adriane taught in the Bible school and worked in the print shop printing tracts and doctrinal materials. Together they assisted in the ground work of sending the first Regional Missionary from Africa, Reverend Peter Mua, to Equatorial Guinea. For health reasons they returned to the U.S. where they continued in ministry, knowing that they would eventually return to the mission field. In 2010 they were appointed by the Global Missions Board as missionaries to Cameroon. They relocated to Douala, starting and establishing a church there. During their time in Cameroon many have been baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the Holy Ghost! In 2016 the Riddicks changed their appointment to the country of Sierra Leone. Together as a family, they have a burden to reach lost souls and to build and establish churches in unreached cities.

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