Burton, Lonnie J.

Burton, Lonnie J.

Lonnie James Burton, the son of Lonnie R. and Gail Burton, arrived in Venezuela as a two and a half year old child and was raised there. He was youth pastor and musician in Barcelona and in other churches in eastern Venezuela where his parents ministered. He returned to the States when he was eighteen to attend Indiana Bible College, graduating in 1997. He then returned to Venezuela the following fall as an associate in mission, working in the Bible school in Valera, opening new works and pastoring four churches. He married Damarys Martinez, whose father was a pastor and sectional presbyter. Together they worked at the Bible school in administration and as teachers. They received their missionary appointment to Venezuela in February 2004 and started deputation in September 2006. Upon their arrival in Venezuela in November 2008, they were given immediate oversight of the Bible school in the city of Valera. In the last four years the Burtons have seen over 230 students graduate. They are pastoring a church in Venezuela and also a work in the Andes Mountains called La Puerta. They are involved in the education and missions departments in the church in Venezuela, helping to establish more churches.

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