Alphin, Mark A.

Alphin, Mark A.

Mark was raised in northeast Arkansas and Glenda in Columbus, Ohio. Following their marriage in 1989 they ultimately chose to make Columbus their home. While successful in business management, both began to feel a pull towards deeper things. Under the guidance of Pastor William Sciscoe, they developed a children’s ministry based on doctrinal teaching, which culminated in the co-authorship of two training books entitled Growing with God. In 2002 God placed a call to Finland upon Mark, and their life’s path began to change. While serving as associates in missions in Estonia and obtaining training for overseas ministry, the Alphins applied for appointment to Finland. In September 2007 they were appointed missionaries to Finland. Their first years there proved that they are a good fit within the culture. Their love for the Finnish people runs deep, and they are learning the language while building a foundational work. In 2014 the country of Iceland was also added to their area of responsibility. As pioneering missionaries in the “Land of the Midnight Sun,” they are committed to penetrating the Nordic cultures in order to see thriving groups of believers built within the region.

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