CV Collins, Darrell ICME

CV Collins, Darrell ICME

Darrell & Cindy Collins received a call to Bolivia in 1987 to open a Bible School. The Collins were named as career missionaries to Bolivia in 1993. He served as pastor for eight and one-half years and was blessed to see the church grow to 175 in attendance and to help start five daughter works. In 1999 Darrell was named Field Superintendent of the Bolivian church, and in 2003 he was appointed as Sub-regional Coordinator over the Andean Region of South America that includes the countries of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. During their missionary service in Bolivia the church has enjoyed steady growth, and now has 78 established congregations and preaching points and 85 licensed ministers. Under their leadership several new levels of leadership and new departments were added to the church organization. Upon returning to the United States, the Collins feel that they should continue working with Spanish-speaking people because there is a great need to evangelize that language group within North America. They believe that their ability with the Spanish language and understanding of the Latin culture will be an asset to their ministry in the United States. They are looking forward to working with established English-speaking churches, helping them start Spanish-speaking daughter works in an effort to touch the lives of the many Latinos now living in the United States.

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