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Thank you for giving to I AM GLOBAL. Your giving provides a missionary with a quick return to their field.

How your giving helps

* Missionaries are back on the field months before they were scheduled to be and therefore doing the work that God has called them to do.
* Is decreasing travel costs of missionaries on deputation.
* Is decreasing missionary hosting costs of local churches.
* Is decreasing the amount of services needed in districts.
* Reports are already coming in of souls being saved and things being accomplished that would not have been able to happen if the missionary was not already back to their field.
* When a missionary travels in North America on deputation, their expenses such as hotel, food and fuel come out of their pocket. The I AM GLOBAL offering has successfully cancelled 344 weeks of deputation which has saved the missionaries over $501,000.00!
* For the local church, 344 weeks of cancelled deputation means a savings of over $300,000.00 of food and lodging expenses to the local church. This amount does not include offerings given to the missionary following a service.

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